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Sea Taxi Göcek, provides sea transportation service around Göcek bays and surroundings of Fethiye.

Göcek Island, Yassıca Islands, Zeytin Island, Tersane Island, Boynuzbükü, Domuz Island, Panço, Bedri Rahmi, Sıralıbük, Sarsala, Göbün, Martı, Ruin Bay, Fethiye, Hillside, Help Beach

Göcek Island is the biggest influence making Göcek be a natural harbor. Since Göcek Island is located at the entrance of Göcek bay, it protects Göcek in a great deal from the winds that are in the direction of Sunrise, Freshening and Keble. There are many small beaches on this island. The most visited by the yachts are the western cove in the west and the fig cove in the east. There is no commercial space on the island except the fig-bays. You can visit the İncirli Bay and enjoy the beaches and sunbeds when you are there.

Yassica Islands are small archipelago islands. The novice swimmers and children can have a pleasant swimming and play time in the sandy and shallow part of the island. It is possible to go out to the footpaths in the island and take photos of the wonderful Göcek village. There is no restaurant on the islands but there are boats around that make pancakes that you can snack on.

This bay is covered with incense trees and you can take a walk around to explore the area. You can find many varieties of plants, birds and wildlife in this bay. There is a restaurant and pier that is frequently visited by sailors. You can take a break for breakfast / lunch / dinner in this restaurant during the day, or you can stay moored all day long.

It is a sheltered harbor even in Winter, as Tersane Island, formerly Telandria, is understood by the name of Winter Harbor, which was entered by the North West. Tersane Island, the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye, is home to the remains of the historic shipyard, which was also used during the Ottoman period after the Byzantine period. There is Summer Port Bay which is anchored to the east of Tersane Island. Greek Cypriots living in Tersane Island are leaving the island after the Population Exchange and the Lausanne Treaty. You can dine at the restauran's, meet your needs and stay overnight.

Domuz Island, belonging to Simavi family, is the closest island to Kapıdağ Peninsula. The island takes its name from the pigs swiming at this distance. Panko bay in the north of Adan is preferred for anchorage. The aquarium bay, which lies between the pig island and the Tersane island, is also a tremendous place for snorkelling.

Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu's picture of a fish drawn to a rock on a sheep slope during a journey to Göcek in 1974 caused the name of the sheep to be called Bedri Rahmi after that day. Such a large fish can be selected even from a distance at the entrance of the official sheep and when carefully examined, the animal is being portrayed. Therefore, besides natural beauty, this picture attracts a lot of tourists Bedri Rahmi Cove. Wooden scaffolding, modest restaurants, pine and olive trees, hidden rock tombs for both nature and cultural tours.

Göbün Bay is one of the places that should be visited due to its history and nature. The remains of the Byzantine period are the remains of the open air museum that you will encounter in the King's graves. At the same time, a few irregular kebabs on the upper part of the island can enjoy walking, enjoying local delicacies, worshiping in the mosque in the village. The bay is convenient for overnight stay and sheltered. You can dock without anchorage thanks to the restaurant's vineyard vault system located at Göbün Bay.

This land, which is not very known even though it is connected to the road, offers a little wooded area to those who want to stay in the shade. We should say that Sarsala Bay, which usually hosts daily vacations, is quite secluded especially on weekdays because there is no facility to stay around. On the weekends, it is a frequent destination for holidaymakers who want to spend a few peaceful hours and swim away from the eye.
Sarsala Bay is a cove that has been preserved up to daylight and has not come because of the lack of restoration around it. We can also explain sheep's beauty with this feature. There is a small cafeteria and beach volleyball court in the bay.

This place is called "Cleopatra Bay" because it is believed to have been visited by Cleopatra, the last Hellenistic queen of Ancient Egypt. It's told that; Cleopatra has built a bath in order to be able to bathe when he arrives here. Because of this bathhouse's remnants, the place was once called "Hamam Cove". It is said that the wall has been built by the Egyptian soldiers to protect Cleopatra.
We should say that this bay, which is one of the places frequented by tour companies, is very crowded. In this rather large bay you can take long walks, and when you are in the sea, you can discover rich sea life.



Run by Blues Yachting, Sea Taxi Göcek is the only service licensed by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in eligibility to provide Sea Taxi service.